The idea to have a Christian shop in Tiptree began as far back
as 1989. After prayerful consideration for almost a year, our
manager Hilary Mitchell shared the vision with one of the local
churches but it did not see the light of day at that time.
What seemed at that time to be a disappointment then turned
into an ecumenical venture, and a group of about 16 people
from all the churches in Tiptree began to meet to talk and pray
as to how the project could move forward, and they chose to
call the project Oasis. The Rector from St Luke’s Church also
became involved and helped Oasis to become a registered
charity. Trying to find suitable premises wasn’t easy and
progress was slow. However, an anonymous donation
of £1,000 was just what was needed to help keep the vision
going until premises were found, and the shop was finally
opened in November 1997.
The shop is staffed by a friendly group of volunteers from
the Christian churches in and around Tiptree. The vision
wasn’t just to have a Christian bookshop, where people
could buy Bibles, Christian books, cards, gifts and music,
but to live up to its name of being an Oasis, where they
could take time out from the busy world to enjoy light
refreshments in a peaceful and relaxed setting.
Over the years, the need for extra space became apparent,
and when the opportunity came to expand into the shop next
door, it was seen as an answer to prayer...